MKMMA Week #12 – Hold on to Your Dream

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“Ego gets you in trouble and your pride keeps you there.” – Unknown

Create a crystal clear vision for your brain to focus on. You cannot go forward looking at the past. You must clearly define your vision or you will be living someone else’s. The example I’ll start with is my own with the martial arts.

I grew up in the era that saw Bruce Lee become a legend. He brought martial arts to the forefront of the American mainstream. I wanted that, the kicks the punches, the flying…everything. I saw myself wearing black pants with no shirt, fighting in the coliseum, defeating the enemy.

As I grew into my teenage years I never lost track of becoming an expert in the martial arts. I continued to keep the picture in my mind that I would earn a black belt and have the skills of Bruce Lee.

One day I found myself observing a class in an old paint warehouse. I was mesmerized by the instructor and the students. In the moment I was watching myself move up and down the floor executing the combinations of kicks and punches in my white uniform. I was the expert…

That vision was so strong that shortly after that day, I enrolled in the school. The image in my mind of standing in the front of the class wearing a black belt was so vivid that I could barely sleep at night. I lived and breathed that vision.

The resulting effect was that in a handful of years, I achieved my vision and much, much more. International travel, gold medals in athletic competition, recognition, supreme confidence, a circle of excellence that had a compounding effect on every area in my life in the coming years.

The key is to create the first vision. People often ask me questions like, “What if my vision changes?” or “What about the other things in my life?

Well, my comment to that is to take a look at my vision and quest for my black belt. There were so many collateral benefits and values that were attracted into my life that would take me weeks to cover. You will get FAR more out of one vision put into action than trying to create a perfect, all inclusive vision.

Remember, “If you shape it in your mind, you WILL find it in your life.

The best is yet to come!


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2 Responses to “MKMMA Week #12 – Hold on to Your Dream”
  1. Leanne Overlander says:

    Awesome description of using the magnifying glass to follow your dreams with laser focus. Building the vision first and then keeping focused on it with enthusiasm is the key. It will not always be easy to stay focused on that vision, but diligence will be rewarded. Thanks for sharing your story of how seeing the vision helped your dream come true.

  2. ODILLARD (@MasterKey_FXO) says:

    Thanks for sharing

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